From Edge to Cloud: Innovative solutions within sensors, industrial communications & Tail or-made industrial computers for harsh environments

Courses & Training

We offer courses & training within industrial networks, Cyber security and IloT. Online with practical exercises - for harsh environments

Continuing and advanced courses in Remote control with ICOM OS

For those who want to expand their knowledge within Remote control. The main focus of this course is hands-on training with ICOM OS from Insys.

Our Offices & Contact

Offices & Contact: Swe - Stockholm, Swe - North Stockholm, Swe - Eskilstuna, No - Hamar, No - Eggemoen, No - Hamar, DK- Smørum, U.K - Kent

Industrial Data Communication

Recab are one of Sweden’s market leaders within Industrial Data Communication (IDC), We produce high quality goods for straightforward environments like building automation - but also demanding locations requiring robust equipment