From Edge to Cloud: Innovative solutions within sensors, industrial communications & Tail or-made industrial computers for harsh environments


Webinars are a tool we use to provide our customers education and information via audio and visual communication through interactive participation.

Sensors, Id & Vision

With our own in-house test facility which enables customers to send challenges for us to solve in our lab. Knowledge, vast experience and a broad range of products – making us the ideal choice

Guidance & Knowledge Archive

Recab Guidance and Knowledge Archive - IIoT, Industry 4.0, Industrial PC ect. We enlighten specific topics within several fields of work, we explain for you

Recab: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Internet of Things (IoT) - Q&A - Use our guideline for knowledge. Systems connect seamlessly with devices in the cloud, transferring data, read more..

Recab: Smart industrial vision solutions

Guidance Smart industrial vision solutions: Learn more within - Simple, sensor-like cameras, Smart camera systems, PC vision.

JAI -Free webinar: More than megapixels… Spark Series 45-megapixel camera

A look at the key imaging features of the new
 Spark Series 45-megapixel camera. Are you a vision system designer thinking about using a high resolution camera (>40 megapixels) in your next project

Fanless AI Box Computer: ABOX-5200G4 from Sintrones

Together with an installed camera, Computer ABOX-5200G4 captures license plate images, analyzing and calculating the images to match vehicle identities

Camera with autofocus and auto iris with PoE from The Imaging Source

The camera is ideally suited for a wide range of machine vision tasks where objects vary in size or distance such as automation, quality inspection logistics and ITS

Free webinar: Prism-based multispectral cameras

This free webinar with JAI can help you decide whether a prism-based camera is the right approach - project that needs multispectral imaging capability.

Launch: Customizable multi spectral area cameras from JAI

Flex-Eye by JAI is a new and innovative camera concept that enables customization of the size and location of wavebands.