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24 September 2020 | Products

Recab: Your leading partner in technological applications for measurements:

The COVID-19 virus has made it necessary to adopt precautionary and containment measures, leading to the technological applications, within control and monitoring systems Recab its know-how and its products for:

1_START_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab           3_START_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab

Technological applications for measurements:

  • People presence detection in front of a termoscanner
  • Hand detection in gel and liquid soap dispensers
  • Sanitization systems with ultraviolet lights
  • Access counting in open-to-the-public places
  • Contactless doors opening
  • Access control in machines for the production of surgical masks
  • Coils size control in machines for the production of surgical masks
  • Tissue continuity control in machines for masks manufacturing
  • Surgical masks enveloping


Detection_Thermoscanning-RecabBody_technological applications for measurements_1_Recab

The ultrasonic sensors

The ultrasonic sensors can be used to detect the presence of people, for example in front of termoscanners.
The goal of these tools is simple: to detect the body temperature of persons who intend to enter an open-to-public- place (bar, restaurant, cinema …), indicating the cases in which the temperature exceeds the safety limits.

In this way, customers will have the guarantee of a safe environment and will be able to visit the restaurant without any fear of their health. In the application described, the ultrasonic sensor of Micro Detectors it is installed in the upper part of the totem to locate the user in front of it, thus starting the temperature detection operation.

The ultrasonic products are based on one of the few technologies that operate independently of the shape and color of the object and is not influenced, for example, by the environment light.With the same system, this technology can therefore be implemented for those applications where it is necessary to identify the presence of people and monitor their inflow and/or outflow. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
UK1 series -M18 cylindrical ultrasonic sensor UK1with Teach-In button

  • Models with adjustable digital output
  • Models with current or voltage analogue outputs
  • Working area adjusting (single point teach, standard window, adjustable hysteresis) by Teach-in button suitable for all models for a fast coming into work
  • Multifunction LED indicator: output state, echo presence, fw identification, teach block
  • Plastic or metallic (AISI 316L) housing, M12 plug exit and PVC cable



                                            UK1A/G*-**SY    UK1C/G*-**SY.     UK1D/G*-**SY.       UK1F/G*-**SY
Maximum sensing distance:
400 mm(1)         900 mm(2)            1.600 mm (2)          2.200 mm (2)

Minimum sensing distance:   50 mm                80 mm                   150 mm                 200 mm

Sensing range (Sd):            50…400 mm      80…900 mm          150…1.600 mm     200…2.200 mm

Beam angle:                              10° ± 2°             10° ± 2°                   15° ± 2°                   4° ± 2°

Switching frequency                 10 Hz                 4 Hz                         3 Hz                       2 Hz
– (digital output):

Temperature range:                                                    – 20°C…+ 70°C
Temperature compensation:                                                  X
Operating voltage:                                                          10 – 30 Vcc
Temperature drift:                                                                ± 2 %
Ripple:                                                                                     5%
Leakage current:                                                         10 μA @ 30 Vcc
Output voltage drop:                                            2.2 V max. (IL = 100 mA)
No-load supply current:                                                   ≤ 50 mA
Output current (digital output):                                        100 mA
Minimum load resistance:                                                 3 k Ω
  – (analog voltage output)
Set point adjustment:                                                 Teach-In button
Power on delay ≤ 300 ms:
Short-circuit protection:                                                      X  (autoreset)
Induction protection:                                                           X
Voltage reversal protection:                                                X
EMC:                                             Conforming to EMC Directive, according to EN 60947-5-2
Protection degree:                                               IP67 (EN60529) (3)
Housing material:                                        PBT/stainless steel AISI 316L
Active head material:                                          Epoxy-Glass resin
Tightening torque:                           1 Nm plastic housing / 50 Nm metallic housing
Weight plastic version: 70 g connector – 110 g cable – metallic version: 100 g connector – 170 g cable
Storage temperature:                                 – 35°C…+ 70° without freezing
LEDs green:                                                        echo – yellow: output

Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispenser

Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab 2_Sensorns_Hands_detection_Recab

The background suppression M18 photoelectric sensors without regulation (SS0 / SS1 series) or with regulation (FA BGS series) are among the most performing and efficient solutions for automated soap and sanitizing gel dispensers. In fact, background suppression allows the photoelectric sensor to operate independently of the color of the target object

This promotes, for example, correct detection of the hands placed under the dispenser, activating the release of the gel and / or liquid soap. Do you what more information about Hands detection in gel and liquid soap dispensers, text us here


Other possible civilian uses

2-SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_detection_hands_SS_SS1_FA BGS sensors_Recab_

The SS0 / SS1 and FA BGS sensors can be used, in general, in all civil applications that require remote hand detection to be activated: taps and hair dryers installed in the bathrooms of premises, restaurants or motorway service areas. Do you what more information about ultrasonic sensors, text us here

Sensors used in this application:
FA BGS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 direct diffuse with adjustable background suppression.

  • Up 300 mm adjustable reading distance
  • Cable or M12 plastic plug versions
  • Supply voltage 10…30 Vdc, output current 100 mA
  • LED light status indicator
  • IP67 protection degree
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • ATEX models, cat.3, available on request
  • Approvals: CE and cULus Listed


SS series
Photoelectric cylindrical sensors M18 DC with lateral adjustment

  • Models with side sens. adjustment on axial and right angle optic
  • LO/DO selectable output
  • ATEX models, cat. 3, available on request
  • LED status indicator for all versions
  • Complete protection against electrical damages
  • Approvals: CE and cULus listed



Sanitization systems with ultraviolet light

Refrigerators used in supermarkets, canteens or refreshment areas, can be sanitized by installing an ultraviolet lamp.
In fact, UV-C ultraviolet light is effective against most bacteria, germs and viruses. However, prolonged exposure by users can be harmful to health.

Therefore it is necessary to disable it in the presence of customers or operators. The cubic (QM series) or cylindrical (FA BGS series) and ultrasonic M18 (UK1 and UK6 series) sensors detect the presence of all those who park in front of the bench by temporarily deactivating the emission of UV-C rays.

Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_2.2_Sensors_ultraviolet light_Recab_

Link to Micro Detectors
Link to Recab´s selections of sensors

For more information about technological applications for measurements or Recab´s other products:
Glenn Abrahamsson / +46 702-355 685 / [email protected]

Klas Bengtsson / +46 730-766 721 / [email protected]


24 September 2020 | Marketing

5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things

In recent years, the evolution of automation technology together with traditional machine control systems has blurred the boundaries between the production world (OT) and the IT world. In our TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things , we will demonstrate how the two worlds can be connected by referencing real-life success projects.

Welcome to our supplier Moxa’s TechTalk:
5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things
Friday, Sep 25, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST

In this webinar we will look at the “TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things”. Our co-host will be Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions GmbH, and together we will demonstrate how you can add tangible value to your production process and lay a foundation for expandable and reliable IIoT/Industry 4.0 platforms with scalability and adaptability.

Our 30-minute TechTalk will focus on the fundamentals of automation technology and initial approaches to changing your business model. To make the most of this session for you, we will illustrate this by referencing real-life success stories of IIoT implementations in a dialogue in front of the camera.

Furthermore we will show hands-on how you can retrofit plants and machines with invasive as well as non-invasive ways, connect them to the cloud and create new business applications in the end.

Meet your presenter:
– Philipp Jauch (Moxa)
– Hermann Berg (Moxa)
– Benjamin Reder (Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions)
– Tuncay Gülfirat (Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions)

As a follow-up offer, these presenters will be your contact window for any questions through direct communication channels.

Agenda for TechTalk: 5 Critical Success Factors for the Industrial Internet of Things:
– Dialogue
– 5 Critical Success Factors forthe Industrial Internet of Things
– Hands-On Demo “OEE Connectivity in Production”
– Q&A

Moxa_TechTalk_Recab_.                  Moxa_TechTalk_Recab_lego

Link for registration: Fri, Sep 25, 2020 11:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST
Link to our selections of Moxa

Do you want more information about Moxa or our other projects or products:
Örjan Axelsson / 073-076 67 27 / [email protected]
Magnus Unosson / 073-201 03 02 / [email protected] 

Håkan Gunnarsson / 073-201 03 01 / [email protected] 


16 September 2020 | Products

Launch: TC570 COM Express Type 6 Module

TC570 COM Express Type 6 Compact module from congatec, based on 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processor family, code name "Tiger Lake"


A Small COM Express Type 6 Compact module based on 11th Gen Intel® Core™.  The PCIe Gen 4 support gives massive bandwidth to external peripherals. The  TC570 have a High-performance CPU/GPU compute with integrated AI acceleration for critical applications. It supports up to 4 x 4K displays in multi display applications (Or 2x 8K).

Key Features:
COM Express Compact

DRAM: Up to 2 SO-DIMM sockets for DDR4 memory modules up to 32 GByte each (64 GByte total) with 3200 MT/s

Ethernet: 1 x GbE TSN Ethernet via Intel® i225

I/O Interfaces

  • 8 x PCI Express GEN 3.0 lanes
  • PEG support x4 (PCIe Gen4)
  • 4 x USB 3.1 Gen2
  • 8 x USB 2.0
  • 2 x SATA III (6Gb/s)
  • SPI
  • 2 x UART
  • 8 x GPIOs

Graphics: Integrated Xe (Gen 12) graphics engine | Supporting 4 independent display units (4x 4k/2x 8K) | Enhanced media (AV1/12b) with up to 2 Vdbox | Next Gen IPU6 with DPHY2.1 | HDMI 2.0/2.1 | DP 1.4

congatec Board Controller: Multi Stage Watchdog | non-volatile User Data Storage | Manufacturing and Board Information | Board Statistics I²C bus (fast mode, 400 kHz, multi-master) | Power Loss Control | Hardware Health Monitoring | POST Code redirection

Security: Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0)

Power Management: ACPI 5.0 with battery support

Temperature: Commercial: Operating: 0 to +60°C | Storage: -40 to +85°C

Humidity: Operating: 10 to 90% r. H. non cond. / Storage 5 to 95% r. H. non cond.

Size: 95 x 95 mm (3,74″ x 3,74″)


Link to congatec
Link to Recab´s business divisions Embedded Computer Systems

Do you want more information about COM Express Type 6 from congatech  or our other products/projects:
Pontus Eriksson / +46 73 073 79 55 / [email protected]
Nils Olav Gjørvad / +47 969 022 11 / [email protected]
Brian Ulskov Sørensen /+45 70 300 310 / [email protected]


16 September 2020 | Marketing

Recab is now a proud partner of Total Defence Group (TDG)

TDG has a proven track record of complete upgrades of complex defense products i.e the CV9030N Mk III program. NTNU/CCIS and SINTEF Manufacturing are also adding important knowhow to the group.

Bjørn Espen Aase, Managing Director, Recab Norway:
As part of TDG, Recab will contribute with innovative technology in digitalization of military vehicles. This is an important contribution in strengthening the Norwegian industry in supporting the Armed Forces with relevant and modern equipment in order to contribute to a higher operational strength.

Total Defence Group’s Chairman – Rune C Vamråk is very pleased with the newest partner, Recab have already contributed in the revived DIGITAL DIVISION in TDG. There will be many defence projects in the coming years which will need specialized competences, digital solutions and Recab’s track record is very important for broadening the group’s capacity.”
– Recab will definitely strengthen the digital competences in the group and add very useful experiences into our TEAMS fighting for defence contracts.

Link to Total Defence Group
Link to Recab Defence & Avionics

For more information please contact:
Bjørn Espen Aase – Managing Director, Recab Norway
+47 95 05 95 15
[email protected]

15 September 2020 | Products

Military Ultra Rugged Tablets

The Military Ultra Rugged Tablet series from Winmate is built to survive and tailored for military applications and feature IP65 protection and MIL-STD-810G.

Winmate_Tablets_ M133KML(HB) Size-13.3__Recab_news

Military Ultra Rugged Tablets: The sunlight readable display screen gives a premium outdoor viewing experience for those in the field. Multiple wireless connectivity options and data capture modules allow users to complete their tasks reliably. Below we present a selection built to survive and tailored for military applications and feature IP65 protection and MIL-STD-810G:

Processor:Intel® Core i5-7200U Kaby Lake, 2.5 GHz (Turbo up to 3.10 GHz)
Memory: 4GB SODIMM DDR4-2400 (up to 16GB)
Storage: 1 x 128GB M.2 SSD (up to 512GB)optional M.2 SSD (up to 512GB)



Size: 8.4″
Resolution: 800 x 600
Processor:Intel® Pentium® N4200 Apollo Lake 1.1 GHz (up to 2.5 GHz)
Memory: 4GB SODIMM DDR3L-1866 (up to 8GB)
Storage: 64GB M.2 SSD (up to 512 GB)

Resolution: 800 x 600
Processor: Intel® Core i5-8265U Whiskey Lake, 1.6 GHz (Turbo up to 3.90 GHz)
Memory: 4GB SODIMM DDR4-2400 (up to 16GB)
Storage: 1 x 128GB M.2 SSD (up to 512GB);Optional M.2 SSD (up to 512GB)

Size: 10.4″
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Processor: Intel® Pentium® N4200 Apollo Lake 1.1 GHz (up to 2.5 GHz)
Memory: 4GB SODIMM DDR3L-1866 (up to 8GB)
Storage: 64GB M.2 SSD (up to 512GB)

Size: 10.4″
Resolution: 1024 x 768
Processor: Intel® Core i5-8265U Whiskey Lake, 1.6 GHz (Turbo up to 3.90 GHz)
Memory:4GB SODIMM DDR4-2400 (up to 16GB)
Storage: 1 x 128GB M.2 SSD (up to 512GB); Optional M.2 SSD (up to 512GB)

Winmate-Recab_news_tailored for military applications and feature IP65 protection MIL-STD-810G

Link to Winmate
Link to Recab Defence & Avionics


Do you want more information about Winmate Military Ultra Rugged Tablets or our other products/projects:
Pontus Eriksson / +46 73 073 79 55 / [email protected]
Nils Olav Gjørvad / +47 969 022 11 / [email protected]
Brian Ulskov Sørensen /+45 70 300 310 / [email protected]

07 September 2020 | Marketing

Free Webinar: VPN solutions

As digitalization is growing more and more, the demands for remote connections are increasing. Whether it's maintenance or data gathering this puts high demands on security in order to avoid data breach and attacks like Denial of Service that can cause huge and costly damages.


Free webinar VPN Solutions:
The most common way to solve this is by using some kind of VPN solution. This does however require a certain level of knowledge to implement and maintain, and can also be very time consuming as the number of connected sites increase.

This is something we at Recab can help you with.

In this free webinar VPN Solutions we will look at some different types of VPN, and also present a VPN solution from Insys that doesn’t require and knowledge to use, maintains a high security with certificates that are updated automatically, and that doesn’t require any expensive special mobile subscriptions.

Connectivity Suite – VPN_skizzen_2

Host for the webinar: Daniel Lundén FAE / Support – Industrial Data Communication

Webinar time: 45 min

For registration fill in the form in below, and we send you a email in a few minutes with a link so you can start your webinar whenever you want

Swedish Version:
Webinar – VPN Lösningar
I takt med den ökade digitaliseringen kommer också kraven på att allt mer arbete ska ske på distans. Oavsett om det gäller underhållsarbete eller datainsamling ställer den omställningen höga krav på säkerheten för att undvika dataintrång och attacker som Denial of Service som kan orsaka stora och kostsamma skador.

Det vanligaste sättet att lösa detta är någon form av VPN-lösning. Detta kräver dock en viss kunskap att sätta upp och underhålla, och kan även bli väldigt tidskrävande i takt med att antalet uppkopplingar ökar.

Detta är något som vi på Recab kan hjälpa till med.

I detta webinar kommer vi titta på lite olika VPN-tekniker, och kommer även presentera en VPN-lösning från Insys som inte kräver någon kunskap att använda, håller hög säkerhet med certifikat som uppdateras automatiskt och inte kräver dyra telematik-abonnemang.
Värd för webinariet: Daniel Lundén FAE / Support – Industrial Data Communication
Webinar tid: 45 min

För registering, fyll i formuläret nedan så skickar vi en länk inom ett par så kan du starta webinariet när du själv önskar

All Webinars of Recab_Education

Webinar VPN Solutions

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31 August 2020 | Technology

Recab: IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things

Industry 4.0 has seen new concepts and technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation developing at a rapid pace.


Guidance, What is IIoT (IIoT)- Industrial Internet of Things:
One key element of Industry 4.0 is the Internet of Things (IoT), where computing systems connect seamlessly with other devices in the cloud – transferring data over a network without human intervention. By combining these connected devices, it is possible to gather data, analyse it and create insights and actions to help with any given task. Consumers use cloud solutions every day, and now see them as part of the natural order. In the world of business, too, new technologies are emerging all the time that help increase productivity, eliminate errors and facilitate almost limitless connectivity.

Internet of Things (IoT) – generates connectivity
Within manufacturing, the IIoT does the same thing on an industrial scale. Rather than supporting simpler consumer or IT requirements, IIoT generates connectivity between machines, factories and entire supply chains.

In this new, hyper-connected world, the IIoT is revolutionizing the way we build things by enabling the acquisition and accessibility of far greater amounts of data, at far greater speeds, far more efficiently than before.

IIoT – the potential to connect all its component parts
However complex a machine might be, the IIoT has the potential to connect all its component parts, including sensors, cameras and embedded computers. Data is transferred from the machines and reassembled in the cloud, making it accessible from anywhere in the world in real time. As the breadth, depth and granularity of the data increases, machines can learn and improve performance.

Operators can use IIoT to predict when their machines will need maintenance or replacement, minimising downtime and maximising productivity. With cloud connectivity, there is also almost limitless potential to share information and optimise processes leading to rapid advancements in technology and innovation.

Challenges with IIoT in your business
But, as with all major breakthroughs, there are challenges for organisations to overcome. The nature of cloud computing and open source principles, where code is freely available to be shared, can make companies nervous that they are being exposed to unnecessary risk. Some organizations might be reluctant to adopt a fully cloud-based solution because they are worried about losing control of their data.

There is also the problem of mindset. Many people are resistant to wholesale change, and fearful of what new processes and systems might mean for their roles and livelihoods.

Recab: IIoT provides manufacturers with a world of new possibilities.
At Recab, our role is to provide the right hardware, insight and practical support for customers looking to navigate this new world of connectivity within an industrial environment. We are cyber security experts, so customer data remains safe at all times, while our suite of services covers the whole spectrum of computing from edge to cloud – including routers and application software.

Cutomer Case – Nordomatic AB a leader in energy-efficient building automation:
One of Recab´s recurring customers – Nordomatic AB, is a leader in Europe when it comes to energy-efficient building automation. By combining an optimal indoor climate with heavily reduced costs and a long-term sustainable society they create a unique offer. What primarily distinguish them is the combined competence and enthusiasm for both building automation and energy efficiency within properties says Kenneth Martinsson – CTO Cloud Service at Nordomatic.


Kenneth Martinsson – CTO Cloud Service at Nordomatic.

All parameters play a role for Nordomatic:
Energy efficient building automation is based on utilizing all the surplus energy that is created in a building, but which usually is not taken to use. The solution also takes the property´s building structure into account, since every property have a unique thermal inertia and is therefore optimally controlled according to precisely those conditions. Someone called it “Eco-driving” for real estate.

In order for our customer to be able to handle an overview and future forecast of approximately 200 facilities, Recab provides routers as well as VPN-solutions such as, see link below:
VPN-Solution: iCom Connectivity Suite – VPN

All monitoring takes place via a web browser where it is simple to keep track of statuses -whereupon you get an overview without being at the locations in person – “Eco-driving” for real estates.


Our three core divisions are Sensor, ID and VisionIndustrial Data Communication  and Embedded Computing Services, and these teams have access to a vast portfolio of products.

Some of our key global partners within Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) :
Belden Hirschmann
Siemens Ruggedcom

Link to Recab’s “Guidance and knowledge archive” where you will find more information about – Industrial PC, Industry 4.0 ect…


For more information and support, please contact us at: [email protected]  or fill out the form below.

Please fill out the form for more information

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31 August 2020 | Products

Launch: New USB-to-HDMI Converter

Direct Camera to Monitor Imaging: Typical machine vision applications use dedicated computers to perform image processing and analysis. Supports resolutions up to 4K (3840x2160) at 15 fps; Full HD up to 60 fps

Some simple monitoring and visualization tasks do not, however, require these levels of image processing. Such tasks are most efficiently solved by delivering images directly from camera to monitor — eliminating the need for and associated costs of dedicated computer hardware. Expressly designed for this purpose, the USB-to-HDMI converter generates an HDMI signal from The Imaging Source’s USB3 camera image data. Camera settings like exposure and gain can be configured via an on-screen menu and are automatically restored on startup.

The converter supports all 33U and 37U-series cameras from The Imaging Source with native display resolution up to 4K. There are easy-to-use on-screen menus for camera and display settings via USB keyboard.

• Supports all DMK/DFK 33, 37 and 38 series cameras from The Imaging Source
• Supports resolutions up to 4K (3840×2160) at 15 fps; Full HD up to 60 fps
• Supports monitors up to 4K native resolution
• Easy-to-use on-screen menus for camera and display settings via USB keyboards

Temperature (operating)    0 °C to 45 °C
Temperature (storage)    -20 °C to 60 °C
Humidity (operating)        20 % to 80 % (non-condensing)
Humidity (storage)           20 % to 95 % (non-condensing)

Link to The Imaging Source
Link to our business section within Vision
Read more about our Smart Vision Industrial and vision Solutions 

For more information about the USB-to-HDMI Converter or Recab´s other products:
Klas Bengtsson / 0730-766 721 / [email protected]
Glenn Abrahamsson / 0702-355 685 / [email protected]

26 August 2020 | Products

Launch: SINTRONES EBOX-7000 Edge AI GPU Computing Solution enabling flexibility

The new EBOX-7000 Edge AI GPU Computing is suitable for various factory automation and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) control system in large-scale processes such as mining and manufacturing.

Sintrones EBOX-7000 is powered by Intel 9th Gen Core i7/ Intel 8th Gen Core i7/i5/i3 CPU with 6 x RJ45 GbE (optional 4 x PoE Max. 100W). EBOX-7000 features two LTE SIM Card Sockets with automatic SIM Card detection (Taiwan Patent No. M592609).

Sintrones EBOX-7000 provides PCIe card expansion including a riser card w/ 1 x PCIe x16 slot (1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 interface) or optional riser card w/ 2 x PCIe x16 slot (2 x PCIe 3.0 x8 interface). Both riser cards can be up to 185mm length total 90W~150W PCIe cards. It is expandable with Nvidia Tesla Card, Nvidia GPU card, Nvme card, image capture card and I/O card.

Key Features:

  • Intel 9th Gen Core i7/ Intel 8th Gen Core i7/i5/i3
  • 1 x PCIe 3.0 x16 Interface Expansion (optional 2 x PCIe 3.0 x8 Interface)
  • 6 x RJ45 GbE (optional 4 x PoE Max. 100W)
  • 8 x GPI, 4 x GPO and 2 x RS-232/422/485
  • 1 x DP + 1 x HDMI + 1 x DVI-I (Single Link w/o Analog Video)
  • Dual Hot Swappable SATA Storage RAID 0,1,5
  • 9-48V DC Input and Operating Temp.: -40~70°C
  • TPM 2.0
  • Support 5G and the LTE standard for wireless network performance

Highlight – Technology SINSmart:
Another highlight of EBOX-7000 is the SINTRONE self-developed technology SINSmart – it provides reliable monitoring of network-connected remote power control devices, Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches and UPS for power management. It has remote monitoring of voltage, UPS delay setup and Digital, IO/WDT/System temperature control. This feature supports edge ai gpu computing with reliable remote connectivity. Includes an optional battery backup kit (SINTRONE patented technology), for continuous operations, providing an extra 10 minutes after power drain or failure of the main power source to increase the reliability of the system.


Datasheet Sintrones EBOX-7000
Link to Sintrones

Link to Recab engineering for inspiration and see a selection of our projects

Do you want more information about Sintrones EBOX-7000 or our other products/projects:
Pontus Eriksson / +46 73 073 79 55 / [email protected]
Nils Olav Gjørvad / +47 969 022 11 / [email protected]

24 August 2020 | Technology

Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 is helping Recab revolutionise computing hardware. We are now in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. Just as with the three that preceded it, this has meant a seismic shift in the way we use technology to help make advances in all areas of our lives and work.


Industry 4.0 the industrial revolution

In the 1800s, the first industrial revolution saw manual labor replaced by steam power. Then, at the start of the 20th century, electricity changed the industrial landscape again. In the second half of the 20th century, the third industrial revolution placed computing at the center of everything. Industry 4.0 is all about connectivity. Our computers have become so sophisticated, they can learn to communicate – not only with each other, but with machines, factories and entire supply chains. In this interconnected world, it is possible for manufacturers to streamline operations and optimize processes, delivering huge cost-savings and efficiencies.


Industry 4.0 – ability to predict early potential problems 

Companies can also start to automate asset tracking and predictive maintenance. Previously, machines had to be taken out of commission periodically for planned repairs and upgrades. Industry 4.0 solutions give manufacturers the ability to predict when potential problems are going to arise before they actually happen, minimizing downtime and saving money.

With every advancement in digital technology, AI and automation, organisations have better visibility of their entire operation – a ‘helicopter view’ with real time access to data insights and analytics. Cloud computing technology enables almost limitless storage and sharing potential, and removes the requirement for siloed servers and data centers. Multinational organisations can now standardize global practices and bring harmony and continuity to all aspects of their business.

Industry 4.0 – Only benefits or…

But with all the great benefits Industry 4.0 brings, there are challenges to be addressed.

Even in the most basic office environment, IT upgrades and process changes can be difficult and expensive. In industrial settings, the complexity and costs increase exponentially. Hardware is required that can operate in tough physical environments. It needs to be robust and rugged, and able to withstand exposure to dust, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Many industries require strict adherence to regulations and specific certifications, so ensuring compatibility across a range of solutions can be difficult.

There is also the question of competition. As more companies adopt an Industry 4.0 model, it is becoming increasingly important to follow suit, and that can put pressure on staff and budgets.

But if you can overcome these obstacles and successfully embrace Industry 4.0, it will boost the efficiency and profitability of your entire operation.


At Recab, Industry 4.0 is at the heart of our business.

For many years we have been leaders in the field of embedded computer systems, helping customers all over the Nordic region make enhancements to their IT capabilities and processes. Since 2018, we have added two business sectors: Industrial Data Communication  and Sensor, ID and Vision. This gives Recab access to a vast portfolio of products, and gives us the potential to provide a holistic service across all a customer’s hardware needs.

In a complex and highly fragmented market, Recab provides customers with the expertise, experience and reassurance they need. Whether an organisation is looking for a single product, or a tailored solution across a range of interconnected products, we work with the biggest suppliers from Asia, Europe and the US and can help design and implement customized packages from edge to cloud.


Some of our key global partners within Embedded Computer Systems:
Kontron Europe GmbH
Concurrent Technologies Plc
nVent (Schroff)
SINTRONES Technology Corp.
Congatec AG
Neousys Technology Inc.

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