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<h4>KBox A-203<h4>

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Pontus Eriksson

Pontus Eriksson

Technical Sales

+46 73 073 79 55

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Brian Ulskov Sørensen

Brian Ulskov Sørensen

Managing Director, Embedded Computer Systems - Recab Denmark

+45 443 511 85

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KBox A-203

Kontron KBox A-203 Gateway for IoT Edge Applications Based on the latest Intel Atom® processor of the E3900 series the new maintanence-free, fanless and battery-free.

KBox A-203 was developed as an intelligent gateway for data intensive IoT edge applications. The compact KBox A-203 shows a broad range of interfaces which allow a connection on various communication levels. For local data collection, e.g. link to sensor and machine level, it off ers up to two serial ports (RS232/485) and an optional fi eldbus (e.g. Profibus).

On project base the KBox A-203 can also support wireless standards such as LTE (4G), GSM (2G/3G) and the low-power standard LoRa. The KBox A-203 is one of the first Kontron products which is Microsoft® Azure certified. This means the hardware is tested and verified and can be integrated into Microsoft® Azure IoT Services.

The KBox A-203 supports Security Solution Kontron APPROTECT based on WIBU Systems technology. It combines a software frame work with an integrated security chip in addition to the TPM 2.0 (Trusted Platform Module) chip to provide comprehensive protection for the application software.

Compact Industrial Computer Platform for Gateway Applications 

  • Based on Intel Atom® E39xx processor 
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts, battery-free
  • Security Solution Kontron APPROTECT based on WIBU Systems Technology and TPM 2.0
  • IoT ready - simply connected

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