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<h4>Keyenece LR-T Series (available in Sweden & Norway)<h4>

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Keyenece LR-T Series (available in Sweden & Norway)

The LR-T series from Keyence are a series of self-contained TOF laser sensors. The LR-T is designed to detect at long ranges while remaining highly stable. This is achieved due to the HS2 technology used, a combination of Time of Flight detection and a custom integrated circuit. Additionally, the interference prevention and Datum Function allow users to maximize this sensors capability in any situation. The LR-T Series is simple to install and calibrate. Flexible mounting options, a visible beam spot, push button teach, and an easy to read display allow for quick setup. The 5m range of the LR-T allows the sensor to be mounted away from operators or machinery keeping it out of harm’s way. Furthermore, an adjustable beam spot allows users to fine-tune the sensor from any distance. Only available from purchase in Sweden & Norway.

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  • Sweden & Norway
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